About Me

Welcome to this website. 
Here you find the various disciplines of work I do.  

As a child I started drawing, painting and sculpting and I have felt this is my true passion throughout my life. I could only partly bring this to life in my profession as a makeup artist, although this craft has brought me great benefits in other areas, which has formed me as a person and as a professional. 

In my artwork I use a wide range of techniques and materials and I'm not confined to one style, though you can always find my signature style in every piece. 

I was trained through private lessons by painters and sculptors like Dries Kreijkamp and Roel Elzinga, and I expanded my repertoire to include more varied mediums and topics. Although I've been painting and drawing my whole life, everyday feels as if I'm just starting and have so much more to learn. The world is open to explore, always!